We specialize in but are not limited to Ras-Garba, Lagna Geet, Mehndi Geet, Orchestra, Antakshari, Lok-sahitya (Dayro), Magic show, DJ, School/college Annual functions and so on. Our years of experience, coupled with our knowledgeable and creative staff, add up to a memorable and one of a kind event every time.

  • Ras-Garba (Dandia Ras) :

    Ras-Garba is a very popular folk dance of Gujarat. Navratri is a festival in which people worship Ma Ambe (Ma Durga) and do Garba. People wear colourful traditional clothes and do garba on the beats of dhol and various other musical instruments. Gujarati people even organize Garba on the occasion of weddings, puja and other such events.

    Hangama Musical Group provides the best of traditional Gujarati Garbas, folk songs, Bhangara, filmy songs on any joyous occasions.

  • Lagna Geet (Wedding Songs) :

    In Gujarat, the songs that are sung on the occasion of marriage, according to the customs and traditions are called Lagna-Geet. These songs are based on the functions from inviting people to the departure of the bride.

    We make you experience the ancient values and the true Indian culture through our solemn, refreshing and touching music.

  • Mehndi Geet :

    The songs that are sung when the Mehndi is put on the hands of the bride prior to her wedding are called Mehndi-Geet.

    We make you enjoy the entire function making it lively through the songs of Mehndi.

  • Orchestra :

    We provide you the once in time experience of the mix of all time favourite old as well as fresh songs. In addition to these, we also serve you the best of entertainment in the form of mimicry, dance item, etc.

  • Antakshari :

    In Antakshari, we provide you a team of musicians and an anchor so that you can fully enjoy the game. We make you enjoy different rounds like dhun round, repeat words round, etc.

  • Instrumental Show :

    We provide you the once in time experience of the mix of all time favourite old as well as new songs in a live music band consist of experienced and professional musician.

    The show includes musical instrument like Saxophone, Flute, Medoline, Guitar, Congo, Dholak, Drum set, Tabla, Synthesizer, Octopad, Piano etc.